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sorry:  think I posted in the general versus specific section!

We followed up the recommendations on here for an independent surveyor and now have a really good and detailed report from Jason Mahoney, which is comprehensive and helpful.

We now need to find someone to do the recommended work.  Has anyone used a damp-proofing specialist company recently?   Any pointers much appreciated so we can get some quotes.

Thanks Joanna

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Thanks Neil, your response much appreciated.   Good to know about the people to avoid!

Yes I used David Prince/Abbot Damproofing too.  I didn't find them excessively expensive but they did an excellent job and you feel 100% safe in David's knowledgeable hands.  A no nonsense kind of guy.

I've ised these guys twice: http://www.centralconservation.co.uk/
I really like them. They don't charge to do an initial survey and are local and really friendly.

Thanks Rebecca.... I'll look them up....

Hi I'm looking for someone to do some work that I need dong from a report I got from Jason too. Can you tell me who you went with in the end and if they are any good? Thanks



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