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Could anyone recommend a damp proofing company they have had good experiences with? Unfortunately I was very dissatisfied with the one I used in the past.
Many thanks

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Not a recommendation Ila, but this guy is well worth a read before you employ a damp proofing company.

I have Dampcure Woodcure in doing some work at the moment. They are only halfway through so I can't report on how effective it's been! What went wrong with the past people? (and please say it's not them)

I can highly recommend Desert Damproofing. Call Pavilas on  07530 097101. Lovely guy and very honest.

Hi Sarah, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your recommendation and it's not them so don't worry!
Thank you Anton

Used Regency Preservation about 10 years back and problem solved, very minimal disruption. Gave us a couple of options. Went with a lining on the inner wall. 

Thank you



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