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We have damp and flaking plaster on our kitchen wall and need to work out the cause and treat it. I can see quite a few posts on this topic but they're mostly quite old - does anyone have recent experience of companies they would recommend? Thank you in advance.

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Thanks, I'll take a look.

Have recently used Kenwood to diagnose and remedy an issue

Thank you, I'll have a look at them.

I have used Damp Surveys Ltd late summer, they are Independent, very thorough and provided good advice.
0207 2741278

Kenwood came to our house to damp proof the kitchen because there was mould growing in our kitchen drawers but lo and behold, when they broke through the plaster of the adjacent wall, they found a leaky pipe which was the source of the mould. They still carried out the damp proofing but I now have a jaundiced view of the damp proofing industry. 

The below article was most insightful. The author argues that damp proofing is a con, and that really, mould/damp is caused by using building materials that are not breathable, something that is a post WW1 trend. 




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