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Can anyone recommend someone who can assess damp damage and repair it? We have a small patch of damp in our living room (near the base of the chimney breast). Looking for someone who can take a look to identify the source and hopefully repair it. It's not too bad but I'd rather deal with it early before it gets worse. There are firms that advertise as damp experts, but I'd rather get a recommendation than take pot luck. Thanks. 

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Make sure that Its not rain coming down the open chimney, is the pot capped (assuming you don't use the fireplace)?. 

This has occurred to me - just need to find a big enough ladder to check. 

I agree with Xavier, try to check if rain is getting in. The chimney probably just needs a bit of re-pointing in the brickwork, or there's a gap in the flashing, or the cowl (cap over the chimney) come adrift. Always look for the source of water ingress before assuming it's damp coming upwards! I had a similar problem in previous house, fairly easy to fix.

The problem is getting someone up on to the roof!

Are you talking about a fireplace that's been filled in to make a blank wall? if so and there's no airbrick that sometimes leads to a build up of moisture.

if you do end up needing damp experts i can recommend J B Ward though:


Yes - that's correct, will check out jbward - thank you. 

Hi Jo.

Hope you are well.  In my experience you might be better off getting a good builder to have a look around and check off whether its an issue with the roof/chimney pot or problem with the damp proof course.  Often its a process of elimination you need to go through first.

Damp experts will only try to "fix" the problem with injecting it which wont really solve the underlying problem.

Good luck.


I think it possible that foundations are laid little deeper for chimneys because they go up higher and this means they are more likely to suck up water from deeper below.

Check that your water meter isn't showing movement when your taps are off. If so, turn off water and stick a cup of water under the tap, if water disappears up the tap, you have a leak.

If you don't have a leak ask your neighbours to check also.

If you do have a leak, try and prove its outside your front door and ask the water company to fix it, sometimes they fix between door and garden gate. If they won't fix it, call your insurance.

If it's in harringay ladder area it highly possible it's just the stream the ladder was built on is causing you problems at which point you need damp proofing.

Checking the water is simple to do, if the turning circle thing on the water meter moves at all when your taps are off, you have a leak.



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