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At the start of the pandemic, the council realised that some pavements were too narrow to allow proper social distancing, so it asked for suggestions for temporary widening. The stretch of Endymion Road leading up to the vehicle entrance of Finsbury Park was one such area identified (and the council has now applied for this temporary measure to be made permanent: https://www.haringey.gov.uk/parking-roads-and-travel/travel/transpo...). Shortly afterwards, temporary barriers appeared, meaning that it was possible to encounter families going in the opposite direction while maintaining a 2m gap. All good, then...

Except in recent weeks, renegade cyclists have begun to move the first barrier so they can cycle up the widened pavement. I keep closing the gap (as does at least one other pedestrian), but it keeps mysteriously opening up again. 

So two things: if you're the cyclist who keeps removing the barriers, please don't. That space is designated for pedestrians, and as cases of coronavirus spiral out of control again, then it is important we are allowed to maintain our distance without having to walk into the road, especially as many of us are walking along that section of road on the way to the park with our children.

Second, does anybody have a contact at the council so I can take this up with them, please? Something more difficult to move might make the desired difference.


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Closing Endymion to through traffic would be the dream! Or even a wider pavement with a safe cycle lane running next to it, resulting in a narrower space for motor vehicles, which would then be forced to drive more slowly/considerately

Cyclists nipping up a stretch of pavement does present a danger to pedestrians. Pretending otherwise would be wrong. The original complaint here was that the careful, thoughtful, risk averse cyclist is reclaiming her rightful place in the gutter. Which is where cyclists belong.  

According to the cyclists' lobby the cure for too numerous speeding cars and vans is to modally shift us all to bikes. I'm learning to speak their language.

Good to know that there's one point at least that I'm not wrong on, Adrian!

Well my thoughts, as I run up and down this stretch into the park, several times a week, and have done for months/years. It was a surprise to see the temporary extension to the pavement, as it’s never ever been busy along there, possibly pass 2-3 group of people. Far busier on green lanes etc. But saying that, I do like it, as it means I don’t have to run in the road when passing people, but  as a cyclist, I did wonder how it worked for cyclists on that already treacherous road. Question answered. Who gives a donkey about cyclists, who are even further down the packing order, than runners. Lol

but seriously it makes complete sense to open it up for cyclists to use as well. Could easily save a life

If you’re worried about a few cyclists on the pavement here then i think you need to look at the attached photo and really consider what the real danger to you is. 

I take your point, but it's not an either/or though, is it? That's like asking a cyclist whether they'd rather have a car or a lorry driving down a cycle lane.

Cars on the pavement are a danger to pedestrians. Bikes on the pavement are a danger to pedestrians, albeit less of a danger.

Saying bikes are a danger to pedestrians is just inventing a drama because they annoy you. Bikes and pedestrians the same spaces all over Europe quite peacefully. In Germany the bike path and pavement are one and the same thing and people deal with it. However, in Brexit britain...

What does Brexit have to do with it ? 

 Perhaps cyclists in Europe behave responsibly and don't swoosh up silently and barge their way through the pedestrians. They might even have an audible warning of approach.

If cyclists pose no danger to pedestrians, no matter how selfishly or aggressively they're riding, then why is there a law keeping cyclists off pavements? A law, incidentally, that predates the EU referendum. 

Just because cyclists kill fewer pedestrians than car drivers does not make cycling on the pavement OK. I feel slightly sullied sharing a link to the Express, but every year several pedestrians are killed by cyclists.  https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/863550/cyclist-killed-bicycle-acc... I don't think that is inventing a drama. (Considerate cyclists don't annoy me at all, I should add. I would much prefer our roads to be full of bikes than cars.)

And I really don't see the relevance of Brexit to this. As John says, perhaps German cyclists show a little more consideration.

25/7 = 3.6 a year. I'd always heard it was between one and three a year but perhaps the Express is cherry-picking. Anyway, it's certainly not several. I'd thought that the statistic for mobility-scooter deaths was 6-9 a year but the only statistics I can find include deaths of operators by motor vehicles (14 a year) so there is only things like this left: bbc. UNless someone else with better google foo than me has them?

Cyclists are not the problem that you and the billionaire owned press think they are. There are middle aged lycra clad Audi owners and there are young people who use them to get to work. I don't think lumping them all together is useful.

Interesting issues

Aware that staffing at Finsbury Park, has effected gates being opened and closed. Plus corvid Restrictions and vehicle restrictions

One issue is that the Gates normally close before Dusk. So if a cycle way was put in it would be a issue of not being available in Winter evenings . As doubt park could get insurance cover for access without suitable lighting at night. And putting and running suitable lighting would be off the scales

Aware that there was some evening access.

Issue of Traffic Flow, mission impossible, with the growth in the area and number of vehicles in use . Plus current restrictions in Wightman Road, means many more travel along Green Lanes and turn into Endymion road         

Joke is Haringey has put in Cycle Lanes in Station Road, Wood Green. Which only allows single file both sides of the road. So when buses stop, No traffic can pass. Causing massive tailbacks, especially around School times. Pass it many times and never seen a cyclist use it

Cycling on footway can only be dealt with by Police . But it is a issue in many places. I live near a school and often had issues with cyclist on footway around school time . Its a primary & Junior school. So plenty of youngsters running around

Another issue is adult's on Electric Scooters on the footway. Yes they should be able to avoid people but I and other have had issues. Mainly as so quite and speed they travel at .

I've walked up that stretch every day over the last couple of weeks. On not a single occasion did I feel the extra space was necessary as a pedestrian. Wightman Road forces you to be closer to other people and is busier. Green Lanes obviously even more so on both counts.

Making things notably worse for cyclists with no benefit to anyone else is bizarre, even for Haringey. It feels like pointless box-ticking gesture. They don't have any genuine regard for pedestrians, as evidenced by trying to cross the road at the nearby roundabout.

P.S. My take on 'Brexit Britain' is that thinking cyclists are a significant danger to pedestrians is analogous to blaming immigrants for the state of the NHS. Fact that the article linked above is from The Express speaks volumes.



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