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I try to be extra careful when cycling, I try to avoid roads where possible, and need to figure out a safe route from Turnpike Lane to Highbury.

I was cycling down Green lanes a few days ago, and am very wary of parked cars opening their doors suddenly without observation or care. 

But I wasn't prepared for a  door to fly open from a car stuck in slow moving traffic - luckily i braked hard and just ended up with scraped fingers. 

I dont expect the beaviour of some of these idiot drivers and passengers to change unless the laws are changed to Dutch cycling laws.

However the council can start by introducing cycle lanes on Green Lanes, not Boris lanes but proper cycle lanes. Something needs to be done about traffic on Wood Green High street to Green lanes

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Indeed. Enfield council has introduced the Enfield Cycleway on Green Lanes. If only Haringey could do the same. 

You may have seen the disruption and cost of the cycle lane between Enfield and Palmers Green during its construction. Any such scheme in Harringay and beyond would grind the area to a standstill for months. Even then, many cyclists would still ignore it and still use the road.

That might have the added benefit of discouraging people who drive out of laziness to leave their cars behind and discover the benefits of alternative modes of transport. We are super well connected with public transport. There's absolutely no need for anyone (except the less mobile) to drive to Green lanes restaurants, for example. And look at the state of the Arena parking lot on a weekend afternoon - the fewer people drive there, the better.

Very poor excuse

Tell me about it. If only they would get rid of on street parking on Green Lanes, the outside lanes could then be cycle lanes and the buses wouldn't have to constantly weave in and out of the inside lane, helping with traffic flow. I pushed hard for this during the traffic consultation (anything to improve the flow on Green Lanes, really!), but we all know how that went...

Stay well out in the lane potentially blocking traffic, they only average 9-12mph inside the north circular anyway. Filtering inside the stationary traffic should be done very carefully, ready to stop at any time in case a pedestrian steps out (and cyclists should look out for pedestrians).

If only Wightman Rd was nice to cycle down. Then you go through Finsbury Park and cross Seven Sisters and it's quiet from there to Highbury in a couple of different ways.

Agree with this.

The junction at Sainsbury's is the real problem though - absolute bedlam and then Manor house crossroads is equally bad. I favour Wightman over Green Lanes TBH and it even has a mini cycle lane at the end!  

If more cyclists used Wightman Rd and just "took the lane" to stop anyone passing then I think it would be safer but I'm sure that given the mindset of motorists someone would be murdered. Also, a visit to any town centre outside London is a sobering reminder of what it was like before the 20mph limits came in.

Agreed John. Perhaps some signage to take care when passing cyclists (or even better - don't pass cyclists) would help. Perhaps our new ward councillors, Zena and Sarah can start to push for something to done about Wightman Road (as all has gone quiet after the traffic study). Wightman Road, traffic calmed, would be the perfect route up to Finsbury park avoiding Green Lanes

I agree about signage - anything to remind motorists that cyclists are entitled to share the road with cars. However, while I'm also pro making Wightman more cycle-friendly, it's hilly, and therefore a lot more off-putting to many cyclists than Green Lanes, which is flat. If we want to encourage mass cycling, all the roads need to be made more cycling-friendly. And so much could be done to Green Lanes to make it generally much more pleasant for pedestrians and cyclists alike, and keep traffic flowing.

Getting rid of parking spaces and installing a two way cycle lane? Bad for businesses I guess but great for air quality and safety. 

The problem with making any progress on Green Lanes is that there is a very strong traders association who have powerfully lobbied the council not to remove the parking or do anything which they see as affecting their businesses. They were also strongly against any beneficial changes to Wightman Road as they say it would drive more traffic onto Green Lanes so they want it both ways which is really unfair. We need strong local councillors who will lobby and support residents for a calmer and more cycle friendly Wightman Road otherwise it simply won't happen.



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