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Cycling bits, free to collect: Polar CS200cad Computer w/ HRM, Bike Stand, Saddle Bag

I have some miscellaneous cycling bits available for free to anyone interested, see picture attached. These are available to collect in Harringay N15 (just off Green Lanes). Send me a message if you're interested. Ideally I'd like these all to go to the same person! 

  • Polar CS200cad Cycling Computer w/ Heart Rate Monitor and cadence sensor, used but good condition, this comes boxed with all components included. The battery needs replacing in the computer but otherwise I believe this to be in working order. https://road.cc/content/review/45899-polar-cs200cad-cycling-computer
  • Saris Bike Stand, ideal for indoor bike storage or maintenance.
  • Top Peak Saddle Bag (used, shows some very minor wear but otherwise in good condition, does the job intended)

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Hi, I'm interested in the Polar device and the bike stand. I'll send you a connection request.



Thanks, I've just accepted the connection request!

HI, I'd be interested in the bike stand if you are prepared to split! Obviously happy to wait as you'd prefer for all to go to same person.



Hi Rob, I've sent you a connection request if you're interested in the stand still? I'd be happy for you to take the stand and Paul to take the computer.

I am also interested in bike stand, if it's not collected. Thanks 

Just sent a connection request about the saddle bag, if still available :)



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