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I have just moved to the Ladders on Seymour Road. My house does unfortunately not have enough space to store my bike inside.

I don't see any other bikes locked and visible outside, so I presume I need a safe bike storage. I came across the Cycle Hangar in N4, and find it very useful. The design by Cyclehoop also won a prize recently. Apparently if enough people are signing the petition the more likely it is that we would get a Cycle Hangar.  

I would be grateful if other people pitched in and signed this as well.

This is the London Cycling Campaing website for the petition.

Alternatively, if you have a shed or similar that I could rent, not far N8 0BG, I would be very grateful if you contacted me.

All best. M

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There was an - unsuccessful - attempt to break into it, by cutting through the end panel. It's now being re-enforced by the manufacturer, welding some extra steel bars into the end panels.

It should be back within a week

B**tards! Glad to hear it was unsuccessful and is coming back



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