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Wow, was this really 1979? The scene has the look of a more vintage time, like the 50s.

Ah yes, a bit like the old Tatler cinemas, like the one in Dalston, now the Rio ... 

You mean like all cinemas which show softcore porn nowadays ?

I seem to remember in the late nineties perhaps it was always showing Kung Fu type movies?

It was a bit of a flea-pit, you always came out feeling itchy. I saw quite a few films there with my parents. It did move on to some very soft porn in the mid-sixties, with dodgy looking blokes hanging around outside!

The building was painted a 'light diarrhoea' colour if I remember correctly Paul.

A job-lot of reject paint from the GLC (or the LCC), perhaps ... ?

It was indeed.

I noticed this week that I have a similarly coloured cinema near to me. It's also about the same age as the Curzon. Perhaps Light Brown was a fashionable colour for cinemas at one time?

It was an independent cinema for a while in the mid ‘90s before its demise. A shame it didn’t survive.

Saw "Catch Us If You Can" in late 1965 there. Also, "Reach For The Sky" in 1964 as Douglas Bader was to give the prizes/certificates at Hornsey Town Hall to my school  (North Harringay  or Priory Vale as it was then called) and the school requested a special showing of this film so that some of the lower forms were made to know who he was.

I saw "Catch Us If You Can" in late 1965 too, but not there. I still recall it clearly and think the film had had a lot of what we now call hype before release.

There's was also the Tottenham connection of the DC5, I suppose. Until 1965 the Curzon stood on Tottenham Borough ground. Pre-urbanisation, Green Lanes was a wide thoroughfare and the north side of Duckett's Common was the boundary.



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