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A few times recently I have heard a cat wailing on the lower half of Burgoyne Road. Last night it was so desperate and persistent I went to check and found a young, healthy female with no collar or tag. She has a lovely coat and no signs of injury so I'm assuming she is cared for.

Have you lost her?

Alternatively, if she is your cat and you are putting her out - she doesn't like this - she was crying for hours last night and was out there again this morning doing the same.



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I just met this handsome chap on Umfreville - he seemed quite perky but don't think it's the same one...

(still, any excuse to share a cat photograph!)

I think that is one of my ex-foster kittens who my friend adopted from me! He is a very special cat! He lives near there :)

You can't tell with a female whether she's been spayed, without starting the surgery.  This is why strays/ferals that have been spayed and released have an ear tipped, so (a) they don't need to be re-caught and (b) it saves them being half operated on again.

I saw the burgoyne tom cat again this morning and he is not neutered (sorry to be graphic but he has clearly visible balls under his tail ). Kotoko - if it is your (other) neighbour's cat then they should seriously consider getting him neutered - not sure whether you feel it's appropriate to drop it into conversation with them though :)

It would be great Kotoko if you could speak to the owner, if their cat is not neutered.

If a cat is not neutered, it is more aggressive which means more cat fights, injuries to neighbours' cats and vet bills. Plus fighting increases risk of FIV. Plus he will stray more. Plus he will get an unneutered female cat pregnant - the last thing we need is more kittens as rescue centres are inundated with pets needing homes.

Should it help, I am always happy to get a cat neutered for them.

As it happens I bumped into Kotoko's neighbour and her ginger cat is neutered. She said that the ginger tom cat that I described has been fighting with her cat.

He seems like he could be a friendly tom so perhaps he would make a pet (not for me)! If I see him enough I will  try to feed him in the hope that it might encourage him back so we can catch him! Any tips on the how to catch a cat front would be appreciated.


I know the owner of this male cat. He's well looked after!

Good idea Sally if you can catch him. If he's a quite friendly stray, lost cat, then building his trust by feeding him regularly, means that after a while you may be able to pick him up or entice him inside.

It's worth taking a photo of him and putting it on here on a new post in case anyone recognises him or can help catch him if he's a regular visitor in their garden. Perhaps someone moved to the neighbourhood with him this year or he's lost and he might even be microchipped. I guess he's unlikely to be microchipped if he hasn't even been neutered.

If he is feral or very wary, then only way is by using a cat trap. To use a cat trap, you need to know where he regularly goes and it needs to be in a place you can keep an eye on it - as you're likely to trap other people's cats so they need to be quickly released so that you can catch the right cat.

Places like www.themayhew.org offer trapping assistance and there's also www.caring-for-animals.org and www.scratchingpost.co.uk

I have a cat trap you can borrow if it helps.

I had a ginger cat hanging round mine for  a few weeks bout a couple of years ago- he cried all night outside my window- it was awful, and in the end I put food down for him as I was so worried bout him,which he wolfed down- but knew I needed to check to see if he belonged to someone- i really thought he wa a poor starved stray

anyway collar put on, turned out he belonged to people few doors down, who had just moved back into the area, so cat was misrable. locked out if he didnt come home- and un neutered, anyways after we chatted, never saw the little rascal again- cats are very good at finding second or third homes, often just neuting them sorts the problem and it can be done for free if on low income

I saw the male all ginger cat (no white) in Duckett Road today. He still needs to neutered if someone can catch him.

We managed to stroke his back briefly so he's not feral. I'm sure he's the one that's been fighting with other cats. He just needs a little bit of help if anyone out there can catch him so he can be neutered. He's a cute cat with cheeks that stick out on his face.


Most ginger and whites are male... 


This cat has been coming into our garden in Cavendish Road for years since it was a Kitten. I think it belongs to the people opposite. It's incredibly friendly and and miaows to say hello.



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