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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I just passed by the old Figo cafe right next to Budgens in Crouch End and noticed that they'd uncovered some old tiles during the shop refit. 

Hard on the heels of Gails, according to the workmen, the new leaseholder is to be another bakery.



I'm not sure what the shop was originally, but here's a pic of the Broadway, showing the shop, just along from Sainsbury,  in the early 20th Century

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I was passing and saw these tiles the other day and thought of you, Hugh!

I'd be made up if one of these posh new bakers could forget Crouch End and come on down to Turnpike Lane...

What does " I'd be made up " mean  ?


it means 'very happy', John. I think it's mainly Liverpuddlian - a great phrase.

So not " promoted " and nothing to do with cosmetics ?

It's a new one on me. Not being sniffy but I need to know these thisgs for my English classes.

Yes, I meant 'delighted'. I'm from Yorkshire originally but used to be a big fan of Brookside which was set in Liverpool (or should that be Liverpewl?) where I first came across it.

Here's more learnin' for ya, John - Lernin' Yerslef Scouse

I've done " Parliamo Glasgow "

( Stanley Baxter )


Figo's not all that old though, is it? I seem to remember it setting up when I lived in Crouch End, maybe 2004-5. I can't remember what was there before.

Haringey's obviously operating a system of patisserie zoning, much like the betting shop one that operates on the other side of the tracks.



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