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I've heard that, after limping along for a while now, long time Crouch End favourite, the World Cafe, has finally closed down. End of an era. It was a favourite of mine in the 90's whilst I was still based that side of the tracks and you could count your Crouch End coffee shops on the fingers of one hand.

I hear that it will be replaced by......guess what.......no prizes.... another cafe, called Blue Legume. Any relation to this Stokie venue, I wonder?

Thanks to @lindasgrant for tipping me the wink on this one

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This is terrible news. WC was always a favourite of mine for Saturday brunches, much more homely and welcoming than the frankly sometimes intimidating Banners. Used to love their hand cut chips and their veggie noodle stir fry and particularly their veggie trio of soss and mash.

It's been closed for months, Hugh. Personally I always found the service incredibly slow for some reason.

I know, but I was wondering if it might reopen. This is the first confirmation I'd heard that it's gone for good.

I don't know about limping, I always thought it was pretty busy at weekends. Maybe not Banners-style busy, but thriving.

This was a great place to sit and watch noisy traffic scream past

In it's day, no, as I said, it was the bees'n'ees, but of late it wasn't that buzzy really, was it?

O that's a shame. I've very fond memories of that place, but can see it must have suffered from the huge increase in competition.

I understand that it had to close due to the owner's ill-health.  It actually closed several months ago, and a sign on the door said that they were looking to find ways to keep it going under new ownership.  I hope the new owners will keep it as great as it was.  We lived in Crouch End until recently and whenever we had visitors one of the highlights of their trip was breakfast at the World Cafe.  The Eggs Benedict were legendary!  I will miss the very friendly service and ultra-relaxed environment that was the high point of many Sunday mornings!



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