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I've walked past this a million times, but just today noticed how odd it is.

Some while back this little area next to the clocktower in Crouch End was 'improved'. The underground toilets were filled in and the current paving pattern laid out. The pattern included a circular effect; ideal for a sculpture, or a tree or, well almost anything apart from adding a litter bin as a centrepiece.

Once you notice it and give it more than a passing thought, it's very odd. Why plonk a litter bin in the middle of a traffic island and provide such a visual focus with paving.

There must be some logic. It escapes me.


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It's a sundial.
Ach, pshaw and there's me getting all critical! Thanks TW.

Hugh, perhaps we are missing the consultation on what type of tree to plant or which sculptor to commission and this is just a temporary arrangement for the disposal of litter? I must have missed you by an hour or so considering art on this traffic island, here are my observations. And had you noticed this just around the corner. And a possible use for the litter bin:


Oh well done Hugh - this has puzzled me too.  We ought to write to the council.  I did manage to get a salt bin moved near my house which used to bug me when going to the gym - it was in the middle of the pavement and there was no room to get a buggy or wheelchair past it!  All they did was move it to the side and hey presto - access improved 100%!!!

It must be streetscapers who've lost the plot.  Maybe now the IRA aren't using bins for planting bombs anymore the streetscapers are reveering the long lost streetscaping feature.

Watch it, Rebecca. We haven't gone away, you know.

No, it's Crouch End's very own empty plinth.

Great idea about the empty plinth - let's put something on top of it.  Any ideas folks!

A piggy bank ... with all monies going east



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