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Hey guys I'm from an organisation called Crop Drop, a community-focused scheme aiming to supply locally sourced, delicious organic vegetables to the local Haringey community. I want to let you know about a new veg-scheme we're launching in Haringey next month.

Prices start from just £8 per week and all of our produce is 100% organic. We're also constantly working on sourcing some of our produce from local growers as part of our effort to contribute to the local sustainable food community.

The scheme works like this; each week we put together a bag of delicious organic vegetables for you using the best available produce sourced from farms as close to Haringey as possible.

Then every Thursday afternoon, you collect your bag from a pick up point in the most convinient location to you. Our pick up points are currently based in Crouch End, Bounds Green, Wood Green and in White Hart Lane, and we have another planned for Finsbury Park.

Crop Drop launches next month and we're looking for as many people who are interested to get involved. We also have opportunities for people who might like to volunteer for us. We will be in need of veggie bag packers, and for veg sitters - volunteers to help customers at each drop point on pick up day.

If you would like to know more or get involved please get in touch! You can find out more on our website http://cropdrop.veg-box.org or just reply below and I'll be happy to supply you with more info.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to having a chat in the forum!

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Cafe Blend collection times have just been extended as Blend now opens til 11pm so you can collect Thurs 3-11pm or Fri 8am-11pm.

That's good news!

But still out of the way. A collection point near Seven Sisters station or somewhere along St Ann's road (Chestnuts Park any good?) would be so much better. How do I register my interest, other than posting it here?

I'm looking into a Seven sisters drop point so please email me your details to veg@cropdrop.co.uk and we'll keep you posted. Thanks

Thanks for all your feedback. I hear that collecting from a drop point doesn't work for everyone. Once we have established ourselves, we might consider offering a delivery service. But for now, collection points is the only way to make such a small social enterprise, such as ours, work. We will set up more collection points as out customer base grows, so if there's enough people on your street that want it, we can have a collection point on your street!

Johnny - great that you're interested! We don't do fruit yet, but considering starting this soon. If you want to PM me your contact details i can alert you when Fountayn Rd drop point gets set up.

We've also just set up a drop point in Finsbury Park so hopefully this will work out for the N4 people!

I believe CropDrop are basing their model on the hugely successful Hackney Growing Communities one.

So the model of a few central pick-up points is a tried and tested one.

From experience of using that scheme in the past, it some pick-up points supported collecting "out of hours" with a combination-locked box: as there are only a few options for what you can order (potatoes/no-potatoes, and size, seems to be the main ones?) most of the bags to be picked up are the same.

FYI, the closest Growing Communities drop-off is at the Castle Climbing centre (141/341 bus routes, just before Clissold park)  -see their info on this pick up.

We've been using growing communities for years & it's a great way of getting good veg & fruit - and forces you to think seasonally! They also organise an organic/biodynamic farmers market in Stoke Newington on Saturdays.

That's right - we're in their start-up progamme so they're supporting us to bring the Growing Communities model to Haringey!

Just to say, we have signed up for this and the first bag last week was great.  Picked up from the Civic Centre on Mayfield Road and had no problems.  Highly recommended!

Seven sisters would be good me and a neighbour are interests.
Fontayne road a bit far...what about somewhere on Philip lane?
Thelma's florist is a good community shop....

Thanks for the tip, Emma. I'll look into it!

FYI, Hackney-based Growing Communities has now taken over running what was the Crop Drop scheme, see:


Growing Communities has been going since the 1990s, and helped set up Crop Drop



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