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Hey guys I'm from an organisation called Crop Drop, a community-focused scheme aiming to supply locally sourced, delicious organic vegetables to the local Haringey community. I want to let you know about a new veg-scheme we're launching in Haringey next month.

Prices start from just £8 per week and all of our produce is 100% organic. We're also constantly working on sourcing some of our produce from local growers as part of our effort to contribute to the local sustainable food community.

The scheme works like this; each week we put together a bag of delicious organic vegetables for you using the best available produce sourced from farms as close to Haringey as possible.

Then every Thursday afternoon, you collect your bag from a pick up point in the most convinient location to you. Our pick up points are currently based in Crouch End, Bounds Green, Wood Green and in White Hart Lane, and we have another planned for Finsbury Park.

Crop Drop launches next month and we're looking for as many people who are interested to get involved. We also have opportunities for people who might like to volunteer for us. We will be in need of veggie bag packers, and for veg sitters - volunteers to help customers at each drop point on pick up day.

If you would like to know more or get involved please get in touch! You can find out more on our website http://cropdrop.veg-box.org or just reply below and I'll be happy to supply you with more info.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to having a chat in the forum!

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this sounds like a nice idea, however what concerns me is the lack of an option to have it delivered at home... we don't have a car and the idea of having to carry a heavy box of vegetables on a busy bus really doesn't appeal to me... could you not introduce an option for home delivery for a small charge?

sounds interesting but surely it would make more sense to have pick up times at a weekend? I can;t be alone in being at work on a Thursday afternoon.

I don't see how pick up points will keep traffic to a minimum - it means more people will use their cars to pick up heavy boxes rather than just one van delivering. So more traffic, more congestion, more pollution.  

But apart from this rather big caveat, nice idea.  I think there would have to be a pick-up point at the bottom of my street for me to do this, though.

Elle, I read on the website that the pick up slots are until 9 pm. But yes, I wouldn't fancy the trek to pick up the box after a long day at work and the usual battle on the tube :-s

Weekend would be so much better, and home delivery - even better!

p.s. hope the move went well!

Please PM me as id be very interested. I just gave Abel & Cole the boot so looking for a new organic supplier.

I hope we can supply you! You can try it out for a month and see what you think. you can join via the website http://cropdrop.veg-box.org/ or call me on 07432 588 734 or email me on veg@cropdrop.co.uk.

Will there be a pick up point around Seven Sisters or Tottenham Hale?

We're looking at setting up a collection point at Fountayne Road, N15, in the warehouses, as there's a big community of people wanting to join the scheme there. Would that work for you, Johnny?

it would be greatfor us! are you also going to be doing fruit?

I'm told that current plans include one at "the Engine Room" if there are enough people interested in that as a pick up point (that's the new community centre space in Vickers Court, Hale Village - just east of Tottenham Hale station - where Filling the Gap cafe do their thing on Friday lunchtimes, and a short walk from the Gym Group...)

I would second the suggestion for a pick up point near Seven Sisters or St Ann's road...

Currently the most convenient for me would be Blend Cafe, but I am not entirely sure what their pick up times are? the website is not very clear in this respect!

I would really like to give you guys a go but at the moment it's just not working for us!

From chatting with them at the weekend (they were at the Hornsey Vale community centre christmas craft fair), it's all about scale/numbers. Simply, put they need enough people interested in using the service picking up from a given place/area, to be worth the cost of transporting the bags of veg there to be picked up.

So you should definitely register your interest, tell them where you are/where you pass by (tube station/railway/etc), and then they can see where they need to find drop off points (even places you know that might work as one.)

Don't know much about Blend, myself - other than having it seen mentioned here as an excellent local cafe, and friends having told me it does good coffee - because I live around Tottenham Hale. Hence the Engine Room being of particular note/interest to me...



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