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Years ago I remember being lucky enough to work in Delhi and then after travel around India. It was an amazing country to see and the people were so friendly and helpful to me. 

https://www.unicef.org/india/coronavirus/covid-19/urgent-appeal and there are many other help sites 


Sorry this is not local but global instead. I hope okay.

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Not to be a downer, but the Covid rates in India are not very serious if you put them on a per capita basis. Especially if compared to some Latin American of even European nations rn.

Why would you post this?

Why would you post a random comment not engaging with what I said?

Becuase if you watch the news you'd think India is collapsing, when actually many other countries, including in Europe are suffering far worse and are in a dire position, but nothing is on the TV.

Of course the situation is very very bad and we're all doing our bit and thanks to organisers like Geraldine, a lot of people are getting help, I'm just pointing out some facts.

Wait...... you said that it 'wasn't that serious' and now it' 'very, very bad'.......what is it? Here are some other facts for you...

• Hospitals have been overwhelmed

• Oxygen is in critically low supply

• Crematoriums are operating non-stop.

• The overall death toll officially surpassed 200,000 on Wednesday, though experts believe the actual number could be much higher.

• In total, India reported 379,257 new infections on Thursday, the world's highest single-day total.

• The country also reported 3,645 deaths from coronavirus

Thank you both. STATISTA.COM shows  Number of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths worldwide as of April 30, 2021, by country:

World 3,179,961 USA 589,207 Brazil 401,407 Mexico 216,447 India 208,330 UK 127,502 Italy 120,544 then less in Russia France Germany Spain and more  

And  statistics can confuse But India has hit our headlines because of the huge lack of oxygen.


India has recorded the highest one-day tally of new Covid-19 cases anywhere in the world - and the country's highest number of deaths over 24 hours.

It has close to 16 million confirmed cases, second only to the US.

The country is struggling with a second wave, raising more fears about its overwhelmed health care system.    Crowds have formed outside hospitals in major cities which are filled to capacity. A number of people have died while waiting for oxygen.

It just seems worse there than USA,  Brazil and Mexico??



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