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Council Seeks to Move Crossrail 2 from Centre to North of Borough - Last Chance to TfL What you Think

As a result of the Council's aspirations for Wood Green, a further option has been added to the Crossrail 2 route. They want the Ally Pally option routed via Wood Green instead of Turnpike Lane.

Whilst this option may serve the Council's own aspirations, it moves the station away from a point that's as close to the centre of the borough as it's possible to get to one towards the northern boundary. The Turnpike Lane option also looks to be much better connected by road and I believe by bus too. What's more is that the Wood Green option would call for a huge ventilation shaft to be dug in Downhill's Park.

The TfL consultation ends on 8th Jan. If you'd like to have your say on this option click through to the consultation main page or go straight to the questions (If you're only interested in this part of the consultation, you need do no more than answer four questions and give your name.  

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Whereas by serving Ally Pally, the other option would also work for the Letchworth branch?


So I can't see why ultimately TfL would want to go for that option (perhaps they don't). It seems to come along with significant public transport downsides. Just about the only upside I can see is that it serves the Council's aspirations for WoodGreen.

Wood Green mall would make a great datacentre and you could just put all the retail on the high street. Nobody above it would have to pay for heating or hot water either.

As long as there's still a place for Mauritius Paradise, the main reason to visit Wood Green.

As long as there's still a place for Mauritius Paradise, the main reason to visit Wood Green.

Hugh, following your endorsement (so good you posted it twice!) I patronised Mauritius Paradise. I had the Fish Vindaye in a wrap. It was delicious, just what I needed.

The lady behind the counter was happy to confirm that MP receive no subsidy from Local Government: and she was happy that I post that.

Their fortunes will depend on the quality and reception of their fare.

Disclosure: I have no personal or financial interest in Mauritius Paradise. I do have an interest in the finances of Haringey Council and I try to identify waste.

Grand. Glad you enjoyed it.

TFL don't want to go for it Hugh,the council does, TFL made that clear in an announcement a while back, they stated the Wood Green option was driven by the councils strategic plans for the area.

Another consideration is that flats above the actual CR2 site may become worthless in the eyes of mortgage companies and re-mortgaging might become a night mare. As already has happened elsewhere.

It's very interesting how Woodside Councillor Charles Wright tells everyone the the WoodGreen site was 'TFL proposal' in his latest blog, and again how it is pretty much a done deal.


If it's a 'done deal' it'll probably be because Tfl see more property development potential at WG.

Here are some interesting snippets from a page on Crossrail's website which may be a key to understanding the Council's thinking as well as being informative for local residents.

Crossrail has integrated the designs for 12 major property developments over and around its central London stations and other key infrastructure as part of the project. Development plans cover over three million sq ft of high quality office, retail and residential space between Paddington and Woolwich.

Income from Crossrail property development is targeted to generate approximately £500 million, which forms part of the core Crossrail funding strategy. Six development partners are already collaborating with us and we are seeking partners for the remaining sites. Crossrail and its partners have gained planning consent for the majority of the schemes and the last few planning applications have been submitted.



GVA were commissioned by Crossrail in 2012 as independent property advisors to conduct research into Crossrail’s projected property impacts

They concluded that property values around Crossrail stations would increase by 18 per cent overall, over and above the general market growth otherwise predicted. 

The report’s key findings include:

  • Crossrail is already having a positive impact on investment decisions and at many locations Crossrail will be influential in supporting and influencing new development;
  • Commercial office values around Crossrail stations in central London will increase over the next decade, with an uplift of 10 per cent in capital value above an already rising baseline projection;
  • Residential capital values are projected to increase immediately around Crossrail stations in central London by 25 per cent, and by 20 per cent in the suburbs, again above a rising baseline projection; and
  • In many locations, Crossrail will have a transformative effect on the property market and development activity over time.

One wonders how far the effect spreads. What, for example, would be the effect on Harringay in this regard, of having the station located at Turnpike Lane vs a more northerly site?



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