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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Labour retained the Seven Sisters seat by only a few votes in a recent election for a councillor. The Tories were in second place. This in what was once one of Labour's strongholds. The LibDems were a distant third.

Does this mean Haringey could turn blue in the 2010 elections?

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I know, scary thought. Talking in the pub last night about this with some locals, we could scarcely believe that the Tories had come within a whisker of taking a Labour heartland seat.

Most people around here think the LibDems are the natural alternative choice to Labour if they happen to be looking for an alternative. And there's only one or two seats between the these two parties when you look at the whole borough. But now we see the Tories appearing out of nowhere.

There are people out there in traditional Labour territory voting Tory on mass. But is this a one off?
Well I had wondered if a significant section of the Jewish vote might be a factor in that ward for the Tories. But then of course there will be those that vote Labour too.
All the candidates in the by-election were Jewish. Both the tory and the Labour man attracted block votes from, in particular, Orthodox Jews canvassed via their own connections. The Labour man's list of people he thanked on election night was mostly of Rabbis, no pretence at all that this mobilisation was what brought out those large numbers.

I don't see this being repeated anywhere else.



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