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Having worked as a qualified nurse in the NHS for the last 35years, I wanted to give some tips.

But I also wanted to say thank-you to people for your support; it really helps us, as, yes it’s been a very steep learning curve for us all in the last 3weeks (and I don’t want this to turn into a negative post about what the government has or hasn’t done in preparation)... . I also want to really thank everyone’s patience in trying to keep away from surgeries etc, so we can do the critical stuff we need to do. It will get easier for you all. This is a fantastic team effort and we are all in it together.

Sorry if any of the below seems patronising, but I really wanted to stress what is really important over the next few months

General advice

  • Think most people have got the message to keep at least 2 metres distance, and have read the riot act to your kids if need, and those who haven’t, won’t be reading this.
  • Keep away from walking through the Harringay Passage unless you absolutely need to, as it’s impossible to keep your distance from someone if they suddenly turn down. I have no idea why it hasn’t been blocked tbh, but guess there is a good reason.
  • Do not assume that because someone is wearing a mask, or if you are, that you are safe. People often don’t wear them properly.
  • Shopping - get in and out as quick as you can.

Boosting Your Immune System

I did try this on a previous thread a few weeks ago, but I think the person thought I was being patronising. But heyho.

  • If you can and are still allowed, get out for your daily exercise, well balanced diet blabla. Supplemented by cake and chocolate if need be!
  • Obese men especially really you need to get on that healthy diet, get out daily for walks if you can etc. Can’t stress how important that is now.
  • Get some multivits and minerals if you can still get them. Not sure why everyone was panic buying paracetamol, these are much more important Don’t worry if you can't.
  • I'm not going to say anything about smoking. This virus attacks the respiratory system. But, I’m sure there will be phone consults at your GP for smoking cessation. It’s a no brainier not to give it a go.
  • Look after your mental health - also really important .

This will have a direct impact on your immune system. So if you know you are prone to anxiety etc, stay away from news.

Lots online  - tools, mindfulness techniques. Watch and read lots of happy feel good stuff.

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Are obese men at greater risk than obese women ?

Probably as men are definitely dying in greater numbers as are people with obesity

Good to know obese women are safe 

(fat) Girl Power!



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