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Manager Ellis Gardiner and Film Producer Chritina Hofstatter at the New River Studio Cafe

If you're missing the laid back Jam in a Jar vibe and you fancy grabbing a beer or a coffee in Harringay's hippest quarter, you could try the Cafe / Bar recently set up in the New River Studios on Eade Road. 

Set up by Ellis Gardiner, one of the fathers of the Harringay Warehouse District, the cafe along with the studios of which it is part, runs as a community interest company. It's got a great laid back vibe and a good selection of bottled beers and ciders.

Ellis and I had been promising to meet up there for months now but yesterday was my first visit. I loved the place and will certainly be back.

What took me there was helping out Ellis and a couple of professional film makers who are putting together a documentary about the Harringay warehouse community and its future.

Passing over my contribution, it should be a fascintaing piece and producer Christina Hofstatter has promised to give me the nod when she sets up a showing.

Producer Christina Hofstatter, Mr Harringay Warehouse District, Ellis Gardiner and camerman Stewart Allen outside the New River Studios after filming

Whilst chatting with Holloway-based Stewart over a beer after we'd finished the afternoon's filiming, I learned that outside his day job as a professional camerman, he'd recently made a set of videos whilst on holiday in India with his friend Charlie White. I dug them out when I got home and thy're an interesting set of short documentaries. You'll find them scattered around Charlie's Vimeo page.

New River Studios: www.newriverstudios.com

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Hey Pav,

It's a studio and performance complex so should eventually have a programme of sorts.

Thanks for the tip Hugh. Be sure to check this place out. 

What's it called?  What's the address?

I think its just the cafe in the New River Studio - no branding other than that. The address is on the link I gave a the end of the post. 

Hi Hugh. This article appeared in the AJ this week, "Assemble to Inject Joy Into Seven Sisters Station". 


Thanks Robert. I wonder when it'll be up and running.

Hasn't Theresa Nay the Home Secretary totally banned these injections?

Anyway, this entrance to Seven Sisters station is a perfect site for art.  Last year at this spot I snapped Canvalanche.  A fantastic multiple crowd-flung intervention.   Sadly, it was a temporary exhibit.  Or to use the currently fashionable jargon - a Meanwhile Project 

For ill-informed people like me, this means that before the neighbourhood is torn down to build luxury residential towers for international investors to keep empty, its current residents will be kept smiling.

Has she?

Keep thinking of Canvalanche and keep smiling. 

Pav, there is live music 5pm-9pm today as it happens. Check out 'events' on their website which Hugh has linked to above. Depends if you like Greek/Cypriot punk with your cuppo tea or not :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Pf31-Z8Kvg



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