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Congratulations and Jubilations to Ann for completing 30 years in service at the optical shop!

Dearest Ann,

Congratulations and Jubilations for completing 30 years in service at the opticians. 

You initially got this job at 17 because you wanted to buy a stackable stereo system. And here you are, 30 years have flown by. WOW!

You have seen Harringay from your early days as a child born locally and living in Lothair road with a bustling Greek community. Green lanes at that time were full of green grocers. Today we have a huge Turkish community and a lot of new professional families moving in with young children. 

You also met your husband who was a butcher’s apprentice in the shop across the road from the opticians. 

I see you today, 30 years on, and you still have a buzz about you when you are dealing with our patients. 

Over the past couple of years since I have joined the practice I have seen you go the extra mile, creating and managing our Facebook page. You have also taken on glazing glasses. 

We would like you to know that you are a very important member of the team and we are proud of you.

Cheers for the future!

Ashish and Parita

The Optical Shop

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Congratulations Ann. We know each other well, from when we were children in Lothair Road - and you are still a real asset to Harringay!


Thank you Marian, good times in Lothair Road! Ann

Congratulations Ann.
I remember your helpful and smiling face from the Stephen Stock days.



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