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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

THIS morning, I have received confirmation from the Palace (via Haringey Council) that what has in recent times been termed "the old boxing club", will henceforth be refered to as:

The Transmitter Hall

This is is a nod to the 1936 EMI transmitter, with the EMI-Marconi-equipped studio above.

Later known as BBC Studio A, it is the world's oldest surviving television studio and station and overdue for recognition.

It seems possible that future Board meetings will be held in the Transmitter Hall regularly.

Inching forward ...

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Don't confuse " The Old Boxing club / Transmitter Hall " which is on the ground floor, with Studio A, which is on the floor above.

But good news.

This is is a nod to the 1936 EMI transmitter, with the EMI-Marconi-equipped studio above.


I think John, you may have missed the "above", above and further above. I would not confuse the two floors; they're separated by greater distance than most other two floors. I attended the AP Board meeting last night in the Transmitter Hall (ground floor) and I have since received this further information from a researcher:


One small pedantic point is that the company name accredited to the Alexandra Palace activities should not be 'EMI', but Marconi-EMI. If anything, the Transmitter Hall was the true 'Marconi' part. EMI also needed Marconi to validate their use of the RCA iconoscope patents and technologies (their emitron camera work) as they had no rights to them, they belonged, in the UK, to The Marconi company. I've always found it simpler to go with the contemporary (and official) Marconi-EMI, the jointly owned company being founded in 1934.




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