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Concrete slabs and concrete flower bed dividers available for free

I've got about 20 slabs and 20 dividers. Enough to make a small patio and keep the lawn from encroaching on to flower beds. Think they go for £5 for the slabs and 2.50 for the dividers in home base. Happy to give to a good home to anyone that will take the lot. Located very close to wood green tube.

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If Con decides against I would be very pleased to take them, they will come in handy down at the allotment - I can collect

hi Finsbury Park Ranger

I would love to take your slabs but it might be a week before I can get a van to collect them. My number is 075 121 37 404


hi just checking - are the dividers gone too? Would be handy to help patch up our old patio, though depending on size I probably don't need them all so may not be helpful to you.


Ok will duck out. Good luck

Hello Finsbury Park Ranger

Would you mind telling me the colour  please - assume they are grey like the ones in the street?

Thanks :)


Hello, if anyone is still on the look out for paving slabs I have about 8. Same discription approx 50x50cm, half pale yellow half pink. Collect from N15. They are in the back yard, so you'll need to be able to carry them through the house.

Send me a connection request if you're interested.

Er Tilly how do you send a connection request?

Hey, I've sent you one (check your forum mail box). Are you interested in the slabs?

Yes - but cannot get until next week Tilly if this is ok with you of course?

Of course, they're sitting in the back garden, so they're not in anyones way.

You're a good woman Tilly :)

Really!! I am surprised!  Can I come over and take a look please?



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