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Just stumbled across this in a mailing list from Bruce Castle, the local history museum

“For anyone interested in the many different communities living and working along Green Lanes and their food and culture, we suggest having a walking tour starting at Turnpike Lane and heading down to Clissold Park. It looks at some of the interesting and historical buildings along the way, as well as the amazing cafes and restaurants”


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Wow! That's a very comprehensive description! Fascinating - lots of things I didn't about this very familiar stretch of road. Thank you for highlighting it.


Gla you found this fascinating. I wish I’d written something similar when I moved here 30 over years ago. Memory fades and this sort of thing can become historic archive material.

A triple wow! There is one tree in Clissold Park that awakens earlier than all its neighbours, leaves fully out when the other are still bare. From the 341 it sits in the middle of the far side of the park. As I've not been there this spring, I hope it has continued to provide its early joy. 

It’s still there and still in leaf much earlier. This was taken just before lockdown.

Thank you so very much, Kate, for the reassuring photo of the little tree. 


Thanks for this - a good route for a self-guided walk with 5 willing others. Do you know how far it is? Fine for me but some can't walk that far.

According to maps, it’s 3.4 miles from Turnpike Lane to clissold Park, so a little more with minor detours to places like the water reservoir and walking into the park. There’s no way I can walk that these days, but there’s nothing to stop us doing it either in stages or some of it. Post lockdown, I might even suggest it to visitor friends from abroad who are interested in London’s cosmopolitan side beyond the usual tourist trail.

I sympathise, Pavlos. Since my knee started playing up with excess bony growth neither can I. But Is it really 3.4 miles? I wouldn't have thought from the Tube Station entrance to the nearest Park entrance on Green Lanes it was quite that far. The 141 bus along there is pretty regular- door to door you might say with many intermediate stops. 

Ooops that was a typo so thanks for pointing it out. Double checked on  maps and it’s 2.4 miles. 



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