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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Thats all i got too say

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That's all you need to say today! I haven't been this excited for years.

I'm so proud of my country.

And so you should be. Its a great day for England and the English regardless of the result.

Comin' 'ome, innit! 

ITV are showing The Italian Job. Good to see someone still has a sense of humour.

Good luck tonight England, hope it goes well for you.

Oh well. Fun wile it lasted

They played well. What a wonderful bunch of young men. Hopefully we'll see young Sacko sore the winner in the World Cup final in 18mths.

As a foreigner I have to say the boys have made history already and I think England should be beaming with pride. This is a team that's been objectively among the top performers, is young and poised to go very far indeed. Also Gareth Southgate and the rest of the team are just exemplary human beings - ethical, hard working, humble.

I am however incredibly sad about the racism hurled at these fantastic players. I love football and if my son grows up to love it as much I don't want him to see this ugly stomach churning side of it.



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