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Are there any photos of the coffee stall that used to stand on the corner of Ducketts Common on Willoughby Road near to where the 41 bus stop is?

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I wish - I used it regularly. My memory is of an orange or yellow railway goods wagon and a rather portly but cheerful chap selling hot dogs etc. 

Definitely orange, thick, white mugs, strong tea. 

Happy memories Richard.

I’d love to see a photo if anyone has one!

Orange. Yes.

Found this - much later but could be it:

Correct location but not the 60s version which certainly didn’t have seats outside or glass windows. In fact, the entire length of where the long window is on this picture was like a stable door that dropped down and left a serving flap for customers. 
Good try Richard!

I agree - my memory from the 50s is of an old BR wagon painted orange! Was his name Tubby Dennis? 

Orange, thick with white mugs....

Wasn't he found guilty of 34 felonies last week?

My memory of it was a green wooden shed with a dropdown hatch which made a slanted table customers would eat off. I used it a lot in the eighties when I worked as a service engineer in the area. The owner I remember was a CB fan, of which others in the hobby would park up including a disabled man who would make his way down from the Campsbourne estate in a wheelchair with a huge antenna on the back of it

Sorry, I left the area in 1964.

yes, used it after wood green jazz club , iron wheels sinking in the mud, and lovely savaloys from the steamer ,it was orangey peeling paint,, with a black ashfelt roof,



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