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hello all 

I have live in a converted flat, terraced Victorian property. We have had a problem with cockroaches see one at a time not every day. we haven’t had any for a few months but I imagine that is because it is cold/winter.

my neighbour upstairs also has them and the house next door and the house next door to them. 

Does anyone have any tips, suggestions, contacts re how to deal with this. I am struggling, it would be great to get some ideas.

many thanks 

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Not very reassuring, but it is a very Harringary problem. We certainly had them when we moved into our house and I know our neighbours have too. At the moment, I haven't seen one for a while, but then maybe I haven't been looking that hard.

The basic thing you can do is get someone to come and have a spray around and put some poison down: if you have A LOT of them, that will make some difference. It's also worth having a proper clean around your kitchen and bathroom: pull things out from under counters and be ready to do a lot of stamping.

Boring advice: don't leave washing up out at night, sweep around the kitchen, check for gaps between pipework between the sink/bath/toilet and be prepared to bung wire wool down seal them up (this is also good for warding off mice - the cockroack's hairy friends, and another Harringay regular).

Fundamentally, don't despair. They are horrible, and if you stand on one barefoot you never quite get over it, but they are beatable.

Hi cml, thanks very much for that, useful. Something I found online was to use peppermint essential oil when washing floors and surfaces, diluted in water of course. It is a deterrent as it disables them by affecting the eco skeleton. I am sure that is having an effect e x

Bleach will work better :-)

There is a temptation to be mimsy about pests. Our upstairs neighbour in a previous flat used to trap mice in sticky traps and release them into the front garden. Naturally, the first thing they did was find their way back into the building.

I speak as a vegetarian and say you have to be entirely focused. Kill the ones you have, and find ways to stop the next lot getting in.

Good luck.

Having lived in the Far East where cockroaches are endemic, I agree with everything Cml says.  Use a pest control company once a year - usually about this time, when cockroaches 'wake up' in the spring - and place cockroach traps in strategic places such as skirting boards.  The traps are either sticky, or, for the more queasy, contain poison that they eat and causes them to go away and die.  

Big, big clean of the kitchen and don't leave anything wet - not even a cup of water - overnight.  Be meticulous about dropping bits of food on the floor, even a crumb or two, and if all else fails, keep a broadsheet newspaper, roll it up and whack them.

You only ever see one.  There are thousands, if not millions.



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