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Hi All,

Can you recommend a decent doctors surgery close to the ladder? One that someone answers the phone and you can perhaps get an appointment that day?



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Hi Danni, I go to the "old surgery" 572 Green Lanes, which is a little further North from the Tesco metro (near the Salisbury pub). I would say they are very good on the two things that you asked about: I have always been able to get through on the phone relatively quickly ie. within 5-10 minutes, and they run a system of "same day appointments" whereby if you go to the surgery in the morning you can get a morning appointment the same day. All morning appointments are set aside for this purpose and booked appointments happen in the afternoon. Like many practices, they are not perfect but the staff do seem willing to try and help sort problems out and have always been flexible when very sick young children need urgent appointments. Hope this helps.

Hi Mandy

Thanks for your reply, with 2 young kids in tow I know the likelihood of going in and out of the doctors is quite high, so getting an urgent appointment is definitely a big plus point! Thanks again




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