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The left-wing of the Labour Party is trying to claim credit for defeating the right wing of the Labour Party in the battle over the soon-to-be-late and unlamented Haringey Development Vehicle. 

Meanwhile Cllr Kober is complaining that her exit and the likely failure of the scheme are down to a corps of bullying and sexist fanatics who have taken over her Party.

Neither is choosing to mention that the scheme is about to fail because of its inherent flaws, and that those flaws were first effectively exposed and opposed, not by "democratic socialists" or by "the great unwashed" (according to ones preference)  but by a group of Liberal Democrat Councillors a year ago.

It was those Liberal Democrats who got the Council's Scrutiny Committee to call in the scheme, who revealed that £2 billion in Council assets was to be wagered at one go in a property venture for which the Council had no experience or competence, that it could easily end in ruin if the property market declined.

It was those Liberal Democrat Councillors who made it known that whether the scheme succeeded or failed, the price of that scheme would be payed by  the people who would be kicked out of their homes with no clear promise as to when or where they would be able to return.

It was thanks to those Liberal Democrats that opposition took hold and spread beyond the Opposition Group.

It is thanks to the Liberal Democrats calling an extraordinary meeting of the Council that at last ALL members of the Council have finally be got the opportunity to vote the scheme up or down.

And it is the Haringey Liberal Democrats who have worked out how to apply £148 million to the building of new council and affordable homes. The details are here https://ldharingey.nationbuilder.com/haringey_lib_dems_announce_148...

In May, the voters will have a choice. They can choose a one-party state run by a dysfunctional  Labour Group which is split between dabblers in development schemes and intolerant practitioners of 1970s-style gesture politics - yes Cllr Kober's allegations ring true even if they don't explain the reasons for her fall.

Or the voters can choose the Liberal Democrats, who actually do the hard work of seeing that the Borough is properly run and that affordable and council homes are actually built.

I know what I will choose.

David Schmitz

Liberal Democrat Councillor Harringay Ward 2010 - 2014

PS The full Council meeting which the Liberal Democrats obtained will take place at the Civic Centre on the 7th February at 7:30 pm. Please turn up and let your voices be heard.

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A salutary reminder of where on the political spectrum the majority of those who hold racist and anti-Semitic views are found.

Billy,  agreed, it's disgusting. But  you spend a lot of energy tarring the Labour Party with antisemitism and turn a blind eye to your beloved tories who are quite arguably  the biggest racists in mainstream politics. WTF and all that... my half sister, brother  and nieces are Jews. I am a member of the Labour Party, and I am not an antisemite.   Back off with your generalisations. 

Nobody said anti-Semitism from anyone is OK. If points made are to be taken seriously it is advisable to be careful, temperate and civil in how they are expressed.

While it's good news that Cllr Kober is standing down, the battle still isn't over, eg, High Road West, Ward's Corner, St. Ann's hospital and Tottenham Hale. Haringey Council should abandon the failing Plan for Tottenham and all forthcoming regeneration and planning policies, then an independent public enquiry should be set up to expose the blatant use of taxpayers' money. The councillors responsible for this mess should face criminal charges for fraud.

Neville these are fair points - and some of these developments have been overshadowed somewhat by the situation in Northumberland Park. The proposed plans at Tottenham Hale currently show very little provision for social housing - some affordable (obviously not in anyway affordable) and a 37 story high tower - I assume if its all private they will at least fit sprinklers - something that was sadly rejected by Haringey Council when we proposed it in the wake of Grenfell... some lives really are worth more than others than hey!

Monument Way is also at risk - one of the last green spaces in the area. I am just reviewing the plans and will submit an objection.

We have also seen another development on White Hart Lane given the green light - with yet more residential homes planned - again very little affordable or social housing and no consideration for infrastructure - schools. GPs, etc. and one bus route - the W3 being already over stretched.

So yes... Tottenham is still facing an uphill battle against these types of developments!

Tammy, are you suggesting that Neville's point re councillors facing criminal charges for fraud is a "fair point"? I'd just like to clarify.

No Joe

Just his point about other developments which I hope was clear in my reply - I only commented on some of the other developments taking place in Tottenham that we should also not forget about - they will have an impact locally.

Apologies if that wasn't clear in my post and hopefully I have clarified that now

Hi Tammy,

Sorry to be a pedant, but it wasn't clear from your reply to Neville, hence my query. You said "these are fair points" - a plural. Neville only made two points that I can see, one of which was that councillors should face criminal charges.

I'm glad you wouldn't go to that extreme. No matter what any of us think about the scheme, suggesting councillors had acted fraudulently is a serious allegation. But also I hope you can see how your reply left room for the interpretation that you agreed with this sentiment.

Thanks for clearing it up. 

Hi Joe

absolutely fair point and sorry if I wasn't clear - obviously I don't share that view point and I was genuinely only commenting on the development aspect - thanks for raising and also allowing me the chance to clarify!

I need to make a clarification over a previous post on this thread. In it was rightly said that I made statements about the spending of funds on regeneration that have been viewed by many people as libellous. in the light of this, I have since withdrawn from making that remark and apologise for any distress or offence it has caused.

All new buildings, whether private or not, over 30m have been required to have sprinkler systems since 2007.



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