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The left-wing of the Labour Party is trying to claim credit for defeating the right wing of the Labour Party in the battle over the soon-to-be-late and unlamented Haringey Development Vehicle. 

Meanwhile Cllr Kober is complaining that her exit and the likely failure of the scheme are down to a corps of bullying and sexist fanatics who have taken over her Party.

Neither is choosing to mention that the scheme is about to fail because of its inherent flaws, and that those flaws were first effectively exposed and opposed, not by "democratic socialists" or by "the great unwashed" (according to ones preference)  but by a group of Liberal Democrat Councillors a year ago.

It was those Liberal Democrats who got the Council's Scrutiny Committee to call in the scheme, who revealed that £2 billion in Council assets was to be wagered at one go in a property venture for which the Council had no experience or competence, that it could easily end in ruin if the property market declined.

It was those Liberal Democrat Councillors who made it known that whether the scheme succeeded or failed, the price of that scheme would be payed by  the people who would be kicked out of their homes with no clear promise as to when or where they would be able to return.

It was thanks to those Liberal Democrats that opposition took hold and spread beyond the Opposition Group.

It is thanks to the Liberal Democrats calling an extraordinary meeting of the Council that at last ALL members of the Council have finally be got the opportunity to vote the scheme up or down.

And it is the Haringey Liberal Democrats who have worked out how to apply £148 million to the building of new council and affordable homes. The details are here https://ldharingey.nationbuilder.com/haringey_lib_dems_announce_148...

In May, the voters will have a choice. They can choose a one-party state run by a dysfunctional  Labour Group which is split between dabblers in development schemes and intolerant practitioners of 1970s-style gesture politics - yes Cllr Kober's allegations ring true even if they don't explain the reasons for her fall.

Or the voters can choose the Liberal Democrats, who actually do the hard work of seeing that the Borough is properly run and that affordable and council homes are actually built.

I know what I will choose.

David Schmitz

Liberal Democrat Councillor Harringay Ward 2010 - 2014

PS The full Council meeting which the Liberal Democrats obtained will take place at the Civic Centre on the 7th February at 7:30 pm. Please turn up and let your voices be heard.

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It's right that you point out that the Haringey Libdems have had a lot to do with EFFECTIVE opposition to the HDV, especially Clive Carter. I think this though "intolerant practitioners of 1970s-style gesture politics" is beneath you and rather shameful. I appreciate that there's an election coming but you don't need to stoop down there.


Of course there are plenty of individuals in the Labour Party to whom this description does not apply in any way (and indeed to whom the other description does not apply either).

But what I am talking about is two major factions which are contending for control of that party, and it is not unfair to point out that they exist, as well as the harm that they can do.



Hi There

Hopefully I can answer this for you...

We have identified funds from the GLA under the local housing scheme, Haringey Councils Housing Revenue account, right to buy receipts from the sale of council homes and by dropping Labours plans to build a new council office all costed to cover the money for the much needed social and affordable homes Haringey is crying out for.

Its worth noting that over a third of local authorities are doing this with good success. Sutton which is Lib Dem run is a great example - of course they have different needs and will not need as many homes as Haringey but it goes to show there are other ways of achieving this without selling off land in the way that that the HDV proposed.

It is also worth noting that the most recent child poverty stats show that 49% of children in Tottenham live in poverty and that we have one of the highest rates of homelessness and those living in temporary accommodation in London. 

Regeneration and development can be done as Councils like Sutton have shown but only if we work with the community and we value everyone within that community.

We absolutely need to ensure that those individuals and families have suitable and permanent homes here in Tottenham rather than forcing them out to make way for fancy flats that will sit empty.

As always I don't come looking for an argument but any debate, comment or further ideas and experience of where these initiatives have worked well always welcomed.

Tammy Palmer

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Tottenham


Good to know! Now it’s time to set a plan that’s got clear scope, timings and proposal for how you plan to fund and deliver it! Surely there’s merit in inviting views but we ought to have something to reflect on! Tempted to start a thread here to see how proposals from prospective candidates stack up.

Hi Kotkas

if you clink in the link in David’s email you can see more detail on our housing plans - our full manifesto will be issued shortly with a full costing breakdown and full plans.  We obviously felt given that housing is such a priority wecwanted to get an early message out. 

would really welcome a thread on this I think it’s time to focus on positive alternatives to the HDV approach - hopefully our launch today shows that there are other ways of achieving the housing targets we need to without forcing people out of their homes. 

No problem at all - feel free to drop me a line if there is anything else I can help with

 have a read through here on our website


And this article from the Ham and High also gives further details of costings


Hope that helps - let me know if you would like any further info




Campaigning has started.

I was actually relying on you guys to deliver us from the traffic hell that is the ladder now.

John, it will be high on the list for your Harringay libdem team, don’t worry about that. Harringay has been thoroughly failed so far.


I tend to agree with John. Perhaps it just feels a little too soon to start with the campaign and the back patting.

Taking into account the weight and significance of argument and campaigning I have seen against the HDV, I feel it did span political and social groups. The Lib Dems were involved, but given the huge numbers Momentum are able to rally, it is not surprising that some see it as a Momentum fight.

I would single Clive Carter out. His annoying persistence in fighting for those he doesn't even represent...his refusal to back down when the HDV seemed an inevitability... his courage in foregoing a safe council seat in order to represent those of Tottenham.

I hope that the locals of Tottenham recognise his strength of character and vote him in at the May elections.

I would also suggest that that Tottenham Labour party give real consideration to only standing 2 candidates in the Northumberland ward he is contesting. If they are genuinely against the type of dictatorial Council chamber we have seen over the past several years, they should embrace individuality of though and cross-party cooperation.

Clive is standing there to go up against Sheila Peacock... she won't be standing down.



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