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i notice that every time someone recommenda their cleaner, they go like hot cakes! I am looking for a cleaner, I'm next to Harringay station, three hours per week, ideally Friday or Monday. Thanks!

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Hi Rebekah,

My cleaner, has availability on Mondays. We are very happy with her.

I’ve sent you a contact request.


Hi Helen, would you also be able to send her details to me? We are also looking for a good cleaner.


I am also looking for a cleaner, would you also let me have the details?

Thank you


Femme 07519 217157 Been cleaning for me for 5 years. Friendly and reliable with many checkable references.

Hi, my cleaner Femme is looking for a few more hours as she is being messed around by people. She is flexible, reliable and can provide many checkable references, Femme 07519 217157

HI - I just posted about my cleaner Desi - I would recommend her highly. Give her a call on 07878935011


my cleaner has been with me for years. Very reliable, trustworthy and just good.

I have recommended her here before and never had anybody say anything negative about her. 

Shes now cleaning together with her sister, so double the effort in half the time. Win - Win!

Please DM me if you’d like her number.


I highly recommend our brilliant cleaner, Elisabeth! She and her team clean our flat for 3 hours per week and do a brilliant job. You can reach her by email: broomscleaning@outlook.com



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