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Can anyone recommend.a cleaner please? Ours is unable to continue after 8 years with us, due to her move away from the area.

Thank you.

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Kinga is incredible. Connect if you’d like her number. 

Yes please. 

Does Kinga work for you?

Thank you.

Desi from on here is superb - I’ve gone through about 6 in the last year because they weren’t up to scratch and she has been the best I’ve had yet. Actually tidies up and folds clothes rather than just cleaning around things.  Makes incredible beds too. 

Hi Rebecca

I've sent you a connection request as we'd love to get Desi's details.



If its not too late I can suggest Leyla who works for a few people locally including me  Excellent . DM me for her number 

Yes please. 

Please would you send me the details?

Thank you

Hi Dawn

Did you find a cleaner in the end? We're currently looking for someone new and would welcome recommendations.




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