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Hi all

I'm looking for a cleaner who can work three hours a week.  If anyone can recommend someone looking for extra hours, that would be much appreciated.


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Hi Caitlin, we're very happy with Judith who has cleaned for me & my sister for years. She is looking for extra work locally. PM me & I'll pass her details.

Hi EMC2 - do you know if Judith is still looking for any extra work? We are keen to find a cleaner who comes recommended locally.  Thanks!

Hi there, if she's still looking for work in the area, we're on Abbotsford Avenue. Would she be interested in working on Thurs afternoons, for 2 hours? thanks

Our cleaner is amazing. Cleans for 2 others mates as well. Ewa has been recommended on here a few times (which is how we found her).

Her details are in this post. 

Hi both - thanks so much for your replies.  I think I've found someone (through Harringay Online too) but if it falls through I'll follow up.  C

Hey Eugene and MrMcDunk - Could you send me your cleaners details please?



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