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Does anyone know how to get hold of a goose for Christmas, preferably at a reasonable price?  In previous years we bought very cheap frozen ones at Lidl, but they have sold out.

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Definitely Baldwins. Might be more expensive than Lidl but great quality and you'd be supporting a gem on our high street this Christmas. 

I'll third baldwins! More expensive but really worth it.

if it helps, I saw some in the frozen section at the green lanes  sainsburys.

I forgot to say, last I was at sainsburys was a week ago.

Definitely Baldwins. They source their turkeys from the same producer as Harrods. Don't know about the geese, but I suspect a good producer. 

I saw some in Iceland Wood Green last week.They are of Polish origin.

I’d also recommend Baldwins who are great but another option is Ben’s Fish. I’ve got quite a bit of fish from them over lockdown and the quality has been great so am assuming their non-fish things would be good too. Geese here: https://bensfishmersea.co.uk/product/free-range-geese-4-5-kilo/?mc_...

Farm Direct are good - they sell my kimchi!

Once you've sourced the bird, I recommend Boris's recipe to ensure that it's thoroughly cooked.



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