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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

There's a fair bit of chopper action tonight. They had a spotlight out but have turned it off now. It seems to be circling the southern end of the ladder and much of it directly above our house, bloody annoying. Is it kicking off on the lanes?

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By the looks of things, peace should resume imminently: https://twitter.com/MPSHaringey/status/914597132170153984

That's the second time recently that I've seen Twitter referred to as 'good old'. I wonder what's suddenly made people refer to this youngster in this way. Does this mean it's on the way out?

Good ol' benson...
Bit scary that it was domestic violence and needed the helicopter to sort it out.

That's a very misleading title for the thread

What can you have thought it meant, John? (ahem)

I thought perhaps Tramp had reverted to its earlier incarnation ( see what I did there ? )  about which OAE seems suspiciously well informed.  

Hehehehe. Glad you liked it John.

The scene consisted of circa 6 police officers, a K9 unit and of course, said helicopter. Fire trucks came later around 10:45/11:00 p.m.

Maybe about 2 minutes of brisk walking, one 15 second sort of sprint and then 2 - 3 hours of standing around on mobile phones (maybe doing business like writing reports -- I don't want to impugn unfairly).  Something to keep in mind the next time you call the police department and no one answers.

I thanked them for making me feel like I was back in Los Angeles where helicopters so deployed were routine, which they found mildly interesting; but not quite as interesting as how I used to live near the bar on Pico where Harry Dean Stanton gigged every Monday night.

I got the invariable slightly mocking comment that POTUS would surely like, i.e., if it were America the police would have shot him to which I retorted, no they wouldn't have as I would have shot him already if it had been my roof he hopped up on and they need only be there a few minutes to collect him and take a statement.

That's actually hilarious! I really would like to know what they made of "I retorted, no they wouldn't have as I would have shot him already".

Domestic violence is a serious issue



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