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Apologies if there is already a thread about this but does anyone know if China City has closed for good?


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If that is the one next to Hala ..then it has closed down .

I do hope it has. I refused to go back there about 4 years ago after I found chicken in my vegetable stir fry. I'm a vegetarian...


Hopefully a decent Chinese will open instead

Not really sure what to make of this comment. I have been a vegetarian since I was 5 (now 30) because I am morally against eating animals. So to find lumps of chicken in a dish described as vegetarian was extremely upsetting. Also it made me doubt what else they got wrong if they couldn't manage that. Not sure what the big backlash is against vegetarians and vegans atm. It's a personal choice and not interfering with anyone else's food decisions

The food was absolutely shocking

Rather negative comments I must say. It's been there a long time and provided a bit of diversity which we're supposed to subscribe to these days. Perhaps we'll have a Turkish vegan in its place and everybody will be happy.

Agree. I disagree with the comment.

If it is true that they have closed down, I am really upset. I really liked China City and found the food great, as did my friend, who is fussy about food and has high standards. It seems to me that there are too many people on this site who just want to slag off all the restaurants on Green Lanes, which I think is really sad.

Agree. I don't think I've written negative comments about any other restaurant on Green Lanes. That's the nature of word of mouth recommendations (or not). Interested to see what will be replacing it though. 

Well I don't think I've ever seen anything positive written on here about our local restaurants, despite the fact that most of them are packed every night and people travel for miles around to come to them.

And China City was not rubbish, loads of people gave it good reviews. It was excellent value and the staff were lovely and very friendly.



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