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An SUV stopped in front of us today with the back windows open and two small children in the back - a toddler in a car-seat but not strapped in, and a small boy crawling around on the seat and onto the floor. I leaned in the window and told the parents sitting in front that their children had undone their seat belts, which they were legally obliged to wear, but they (politely) declined to do anything about it. My friend then explained how incredibly dangerous it was for children to travel in a car without being strapped in and the parents continued to argue the case, based on I don't know what idea, that it wasn't necessary on this occasion. I despair! (A few months ago a man drove past me with his toddler on his lap tucked under the seatbelt.)

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Regular occurrence, as live close to a school. Where you see kids being driven to and from  school

It is a Police issue and could result in a Heavy fine for driver

Hmmm, my partner and I have observed in this area, people take a real casual attitude towards car and child safety.  For example: car seats. The number of cars we've seen where the car seats were improperly installed, front facing in the passenger seat...... Unfortunately, I think it comes down to the appropriate agencies getting involved by communicating and educating people about car and child safety. 

Ah but they are in an SUV. Other people's children are therefore more at risk.



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