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Hi all, 

we have a 4 month old daughter and looking for some great childcare- we're open to Nurseries, childminders, nanny shares etc. Its likely we need 4 days a week from October/November. 

It would be great to get some advice, recommendations, tips etc on who/where is great in the area- we live on Lausanne Road so needs to be reasonably easy to get to, although my husband cycles to work so as long as it can be en route ish to his work in Holborn that would work. 

So far i've only been to 2 nurseries- 1 was La Maison Montessori near Hornsey Station  (It's not yet open so a bit of an unknown although like the philosophy and class rooms etc- but it is very expensive. The other was Keiko Nursery - anyone got a child there?


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We use orange nursery - very happy with them!

As far as I know Little Jewels only take children at 1 and when we looked there were no young children there - even young one year olds.

We had a great experience with the baby room at Orange. 


I am a local Childminder and will have a vacancy in September/October. 

I am based on the ladder and have been minding for over 20 years. Please DM me for a chat and local references. 

Best wishes

lil x

How much is it per day at la Maison? My daughter is at Creative Explorers near Hornsey Station. She's been really happy there. That's about £65a day although I think prices are increasing making it £70.

I would be interested to know fee list for la maison too? xx

To the best of my knowledge, the Montessori name is not trademark protected so anyone can use it - and potentially therefore not all schools and nurseries with the Montessori name are using Montessori methods.  There's a useful UK charity website with some more information about accredited schools and nurseries for parents interested.


We went to Little Stars when my child was 9 months and loved it. They only take them to 2 so they're all tiny ones.

We used Orange Day a few years back and while I don't know what it's like now, the proximity to Turnpike Lane Tube was a massive plus. It's only a couple of streets from Lausanne too. 



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