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Chicken Town gets another puff piece, this time in the Guardian.

Nice idea, maybe, though I do want to visit the chicken farm to ask the birds what they think.

But it has no place in the frontage of Edwardian buildings on Tottenham Green.

How nice to get £300k in loans and grants from my Council Tax, and get all these advertorials (almost) to make sure its full of the right sort of people in the evenings to subsidise the slightly-less-fatloaded children's lunch menu.

I can think of other Old Fire Stations that become Arts Centres, or Community Centres, or nurseries. Fried-meat centres? Hmmm. 


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There is something fishy here isn't there? I mean just who is behind this that they can get these grants and this very important coverage in a national newspaper?

What your interesting comment suggests to me, Jessica, is that 'behind the curtain' of upbeat PR there's a hidden theory about what regeneration means in Tottenham.  A theory which makes some assumptions about what's positive and negative about the area; what needs to change; and how to achieve this.

There's nothing wrong with theories and plans. Nothing wrong with elected councillors and their paid staff wanting to improve Haringey; and developing plans for parts of it with particular problems.

What is wrong is making deals and decisions in private meetings. And making and deciding on plans which rest on assumptions and data which are not properly discussed and set out. Easily and clearly available to residents who live in the area - as well as to the wider public.

I'm not criticising you or any other business person who is involved in discussions with a local council or its staff.  You and others are entitled to expect that you are dealing with competent professionals who know their stuff.  (In my experience of Haringey this is still the case with the majority of staff.)

My criticism has been directed at senior councillors and staff who think they have the right to play secret games of Sim City with the homes, lives and futures of people who live in an area.

Of course, their games also affect local businesses. In Tottenham they play favourites, choosing to publicise and give their backing to a few select businesses. Apparently based on some fantasy of our neighbourhood becoming the next gentrified version of somewhere else - Stoke Newington, perhaps?  Or a mini Muswell Hill?

Or something like the posher bits of Brixton? Maybe that'll work? Though having seen Stratford Westfield for the first time earlier this month, I have my doubts. If that's what people want - and it was crammed - then Tottenham Hale is only 14 minutes by train.

If there is a plan, based on rigorous evidenced assumptions, I'd like to read and consider it.

But what I see instead is endless fatuous, vacuous PR. (Perhaps reaching a peak in the puff piece from Cllr Joe Goldberg about the new Logo. In which we find him invoking Oliver Tambo and Bernie Grant; and the fight against Clause 28. And telling us that Emerald City should trust the booming voice of a fairground magician who puts an OZ logo on his hot air balloon.

Yes, Chicken Town is doing something, but sadly it won't last. It's not a real business as it is largely reliant on a large but fixed gift of taxes. What is needed are real jobs and real profits: sustainable enterprises. The huge subsidy was described as using (up) some of the "riot money".

The motivation – of selling less unhealthy chicken meals – is laudable, but the idea that a single, ill-sited restaurant will make a difference to public health in Tottenham is laughable.

If our Local Government really wants to make a difference to public health, they could start by refusing to allow cigarette sales in one of the public parks they own and control (Finsbury Park: now two summers running).

Yes, this!  

I'm sure the folks at Create are lovely people, but they're an Arts organisation not a Hospitality/Food business. Maybe they should take on running the BGAC next door, instead.

Have to agree, it does seem like grants for your mates. I mean, if you're the sort of person who regularly tucks in to fried chicken and chips, you're hardly likely to pay more for it. On the other hand it is right next to CONEL...Don't care how you cut it....fried chicken and chips is junk food...

Thanks for posting this link Pam. And for adding your comment under the Guardian "article" - advertorial as you point out. You may not have seen my own comment which I expect has been submerged by the hundreds more.  It's here.

So people can read it quickly, Pam, your own comment is here.

Please note that as far as I know, the old Fire Station building is not owned by Haringey but by CHENEL (College of Haringey Enfield & North East London.)  It will be interesting to find out whether Chicken Town are paying the rent and if not, who is.

Also the building is already occupied. One tenant is LYST (London Youth Support Trust. I think they may be moved under the stairs - but I could be out of date on that.)

This is of course <long sigh> another vanity project brought to us by my former colleague Cllr Joe Goldberg. There's no business like Joe Business, just go on with the show.

And here's a possible clue  about what's going on. 

The Councils Newspeak Propaganda Unit crowing - well perhaps clucking - its doubleplusgood rave rating for Chicken Town. Despite not a single nugget-in-a-bucket yet served.

And they've a new twitter logo.   for Hype Hogwash and hanger-on.

I wouldn't support most of Mr. Corbyn's views and I don't believe he'll be asked to form a government.

However, one of his attributes that I admire is his reputation of speaking plain English (agree with him or not).

One of my hopes for Jeremy is that he might encourage amongst Labour Councils, a lesser reliance on spin, image and presentation – things that have been a feature of Labour Party administration, ever since it re-branded itself "New Labour."

Even as the New Labour project wanes nationally, we can still see this over-emphasis on public relations today, with the launch of the our new local identity.

I think its BECAUSE you don't support most of Mr Corbyns's views that you have been cast into the wilderness. Now that it has been revealed that Nick Clegg was offered a pass on students fee increases and eschewed the opportunity in order to kiss Tory **** I think you may be there for all time......

In this video the 'Voices of Tottenham' express their love for this part of the borough, and outline what they think the Council should be doing to make it a better place for its residents. A new fancy Chickentown isn't it!

So, Haringey Council, why aren't you listening?


The young woman speaking at 2 minutes in is very prescient!

That's a great film Sandi. Was it sent to the council?

James, also at 9mins & 9.55mins, same person speaking at those points in the video.



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