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Hi all,
Please check out our community photography website for Chettle Court in Crouch End.

Chettle Court Photography Project was started with the aim to engage residents by using photography to document life on the estate.


Also give our Facebook page a 'like' to get regular updates and upload any images you may have.


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Great project! Would love to do this on my estate in N15. Did you get funding for cameras?

Thanks Sharon,

The main photographer on this project is Vaughan Melzer who has lived on the estate for a number of years. She was resident artist and documented the estate. Haringey council did provide a bit of funding for an exhibition but no cameras. All our equipment is our own!

Thanks James.

Thanks Pav.

Glad you like it. We'll keep adding more material over the year so keep checking back and follow us on social media for updates.

Thanks. James.


Twitter @chettlecourtN8

Instagram @chettlecourt



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