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I have a  wooden dining table chair that needs restoring, really and truly it just needs to be sanded down and re varnished.

Does anyone have any recommendations on who can do this for me locally to a high standard?

Thank you

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Check the couple of old threads now linked via the tag under your post. No reason they shouldn’t still be in business. 

Thanks Hugh :)

I recommend John Lawler in Hornsey, he picks up & returns locally I believe.

Thanks EMC2, how can i get a hold of John, do you have a contact number? 

Just click on the link (his name) in my post above Jamal. 

Also for restoration to a high standard try Solomon 0208 348 9855 and 07752 377725. He has a shop called Solomon Retro in Park Rd Crouch End, and can do re upholstery, restoration of antique furniture and will pick up and drop off. Very good too. 



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