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This article in the Guardian uses our very own Big Green Bookshop as an example of why it's worth supporting independent bookstores.


Formed as a reaction to the closure of the local Ottakar's store, the Big Green Bookshop set itself up as a shamelessly community-focused resource: a kind of literary Cheers, where everyone knows your name. The local television news covered their start-up; their blog attracted well-wishers far away from their natural base in the capital's north-east hinterlands; the two owners, Simon and Tim, became well-known in the area. Yet three years after their opening, the Big Green Bookshop was forced to send an email out to their virtual followers that echoed the signs I used to see at the local corner shop: use us or lose us.


The Big Green Bookshop is emblematic of the struggles of so many independents that don't have Foyles's tradition or kudos. Squeezed by so many economic and technological factors, it is – at least on the face of it – hardly surprising that the Big Green Bookshop is having a hard time of it. 


I was rather ashamed on reading it as I am far too quick to order things on Amazon or Abebooks, but I will be heading out there to buy something with which to brighten my bookshelves.

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I was a bit ashamed too, because I've been downloading onto my Kindle recently (not my fault, it was a present). But I'm now using Amazon to find books I'd like to read, or give as presents, and I'm ordering from the Big Green Bookshop. Normally takes them just 24 hours to get a book in, and they can find out of print or even secondhand books as well if it's unavailable through the normal channels, and I don't have to trek to the post office to collect a parcel.
I second what Melly says. You can also order on-line from the Big Green Bookshop - www.biggreenbookshop.com  I recently launched my book of poems there (Is this really me? by Liz Cruse) and they couldn't have been more helpful and friendly.



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