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Hi - can anyone recommend a good cattery please? We’ve had to move out of our house for building work and our neighbour was looking after our cat. Inevitably the building works are going on longer than anticipated and our neighbour is going away so I just need a good place for our cat until the end of the month. Any recommendations please? 

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Hello Bridget, I don’t know a good cattery but would a catsitting arrangement work? I could visit your neighbours house and feed him while they are away so that he can stay where he is without further disruption. If this is something of interest then please message me. I’m a registered and insured catsitter with CatInAFlat.com I can send you a link to my profile. Even if not of interest are you able to pop in and feed him at neighbours house? That way the cat gets to stay where he is comfortable and the neighbours get their house looked after. 

Hi Lauren - thanks so much for your reply. Unfortunately he can’t stay in the house where he is... we just need to find somewhere for him to go for about three weeks. 

I've heard recommended before a vet nurse called Jaki who looks after cats in her own home. You can get in touch with her at Medivet Stamford Hill.

There is also Village Vet Cattery and Elmtree Pet Hotel

(Not used any of them before)

Great thank you. I’ll give those a try. 

Hi we use Elite Cattery in Highgate a family run business.   My cat Felix has been going there for 16 years and he loves it!  They are quite old school they only take cash and cheques and haven't got a fancy website, but would definitely recommend them.


Thanks v much Deborah 

Yes Allseasons cattery they collect the cat and return for you !

excellent place wouldn’t go anywhere else 

and tried many local ones 

Thank you.



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