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Having a cat now I find myself quite enamoured by the other local cats when they come visiting, we even have names for some of the visitors..

I'm having a bit of an issue with one local resident however in the form of a very vocal and very aggressive Bengal cat around the top of Cavendish Road.


Thankfully our tabby is fairly agile but there are a few cats in the area which just look plain petrified and often get beaten up by 'Bengal Nutter'

I feel particularly sorry for the three legged black cat that is picked on.


Does anyone have any advice on this?

I know cats will be cats but am always chasing this one off...


mm.... I'm thinking a water pistol... thoughts?

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Water pistol. I use the hose sometimes but now they see me going for the tap.
Is the cat neutered? Most likely, the owners are not aware of the fact that their cat is a complete terror. Find out who owns him / her, and speak to the owners first of all. They may have to keep him / her in a bit more, or have the cat neutered / spayed. That should solve some of the problem I believe.

I will PM you as I know this cat well but feel bad to talk about it's behaviour online as the owner may see and feel annoyed!!

Great, I have added you as a "connection" so that we can PM. I included a short message when I added you as a connection, there should be a link to this on the right side of your webpage.

Yes you were clear that you wanted to be constructive and let the owner know (and not annoy). I am probably being a bit too cautious about annoying people on here due to some heated forum discussions in the past! However I now resort to PM-ing people for more detailed discussions! he he!

You're bring very wise Sally. Neighbourhood issue identified online, resolved offline - perfect use of new tech.

ha ha the wonders of HOL!! "Merlin and Morgana" are my cats!! They are my pride and joy!!


I had a feeling that they may be going to visit people in their houses! Sorry about that!


This is hilarious! ha ha!


I don't see kitkat much - glad to hear they get on though. Tell her she's welcome to come over to play! They seem to get on with a ginger cat too who we call "ginger"... he seems like a nice cat....


Nice to meet you too :)

I'm pretty sure this cat is called Topaz, and is certainly very "vocal" - you can hear him/her (never worked out which) from a mile off!  I hope you've managed to contact the owners who do live in Cavendish Road.  If you've not managed to get hold them I can drop a note through their door if you like, as I pass there every day dropping my little one off at nursery. 

Its funny all the cats around, we have a right community of them where I live as all my neighbours have 1, and although they dont all get on(my cats dont particularly like other cats) it all works.

Until a little ginger cat moved into the area recently- and although he is adorable and so cute he was getting into fights with all the cats, and also very vocal, and determined to try to get into my flat all the time- I was going to knock on the owners door and have a gentle word and suggest he was neutered if not already, but now the weather has warmed up, he seems to have moved on-


Its difficult isnt it sometimes, as really dont want to offend but cats can be so naughty and we mighten know

I was wondering if it was a case of feline mistaken identity on my part!  Topaz doesn' strike me as a feline hooligan!  Maybe we should find out if there's such a thing as a cat ASBO!

Just wanted to clarify about this, is Topaz a bengal cat?

Just the Bengal has been fighting with my cat quite a lot recently. I wondered if anyone knew if the owner has had it snipped or anything which may ease the situation?

Hi all,

don;t mean to go off topic, but this little chap is now living in my spare room, and the best would obviously be for him to go back home, so if you know anyone who's misisng a rather lovely black boy:http://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/all-black-cat-seems-to-...


I'll have him neutered if no one  comes forward. And might well keep him. He is THAT lovely.



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