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My cat was seen ( By my neighbour) being stolen on Duckett road Monday the 8th midday. Luckily she managed to escape ...came racing home through the alleyway met by a friend of mine who lived close who kindly ran out in search for her and is now home safe collar missing  behaving a little anxious. I have reported this information to the police. Description of person involved – Hair: shoulder length hair, Top: dark navy hoody, pine green puffy vest, Bottom: dark navy joggers, Shoes: black trainers & black socks, Age: 20 - 25, Build: medium build, Ethnicity: black, Sex: male, Other details: Light moustache

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what would they do with a stolen cat I wonder?

Thankfully he got away, so many sick people out there.

I try to let mine out via the garden as much as possible.

It’s just too risky letting cats out via the front

Unless you have no choice then thats a different situation all together.

We always let our cats out at the back, but sometimes they find their way to the front via the river or passage, even thought we are quite a few houses away from it. The only option would be to lock them in, but then it would be unfair to them.

The Cat Burglar has been around since April 1907, operating around Streatham, doing a stretch in Wormwood Scrubs but that didn't deter him. Sooner or later he was going to get to Harringay.

it doesnt matter where you let your cat out, he or she will find there way to wherever they want to go unfortunately



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