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Hello all

I'm not sure how this would work or if anyone would be interested but here goes......

I have 2 cats and I live on the southern end of the ladder. I would be more than happy to cat sit for others in the area and would love it if someone could return the favour for me from time to time.

I am CRB checked and have looked after animals, and cats, all my life. I also have family members and friends who are vets and vet nurses.

Would there be some way of making a little local cat sitting group?

Any ideas would be gratefully received.


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That’s a great idea!

Hello, Sally,

I live on the Ladder and have a cat and would love to be involved in your idea of sharing cat sitting.

Do keep me in mind. I am also CRB checked (work for the NHS). 

With best wishes,


Hi Fiona,

this thread started in 2010 (!) and I took over the admin of the group some time ago - if you send me your email address and street I’ll add you to it



Hey Fiona,

I sent you a connection request! :)


Hello I interested in the group because I also have two cats and  I’m going away around Chritsmas and I will need someone to pop up to my house to check on my cats . But I never have a cat sitter and I don’t know if I’m going to trust anyone.


Oh dear, happy to help over Xmas if you are local to me, and unless you prefer to leave your cats on their own, we are a friendly bunch. I’ve got all my cat sitters from here, although one of them is my regular one whom we check dates with each other. Been looking after our now pensioners for last 11years. Send me a connection request if you want. In fact I looked after Carolina and Luc’s cat from here last wkend


Thank you Tigha I leave in Salisbury road , I never use a cat sitting and I don’t know how it’s work. My idea it’s to left the cats in the house .




I will be around some of the days so happy to help out if you need someone. Drop me a message if you do 

Thank you I live in Salisbury road. Could you please tell me how thinks work because I never use any cat sitting .



Hi Angela,

We are away from 20 to 29/12 and have two cats at home that need checking up on
Could this fit in with your dates?




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