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I'm moving out of my flat this week having sold it, and will be living with my girlfriend for a few months until I find a new place (or we move somewhere together).

So that leaves me with a difficult decision about what to do with my beautiful cat Twinkle (female, 15 years old). Unfortunately the lease on my girlfriend's flat doesn't permit pets, and we think it unlikely that we could successfully sneak her in and have her undetected.

I really don't want to have to put her in a cattery for an extended period of time, but having asked around friends, family and neighbours I'm out of options.

So if you, or anyone you know, would be willing to take her on for (best guess) 3-6 months, please let me know. I'll happily pay her living costs.

thanks, Richard

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What a lovely cat. I'm sure it will be hard for her to be separated from you.

I appreciate your girlfriend's rental lease has the usual clause of no pets - but it might be worth asking special permission from her landlord for Twinkle to stay - explaining it's only short term and temporary - usually these standard clauses are there because landlords think pets might cause damage - if you explain that she's an older calm quiet cat and house trained, and that you would reimburse costs in the unlikely event that there was damage, you might get permission. I guess that would be the ideal solution.

If not, I hope someone local can help. I presume she's microchipped - make sure you keep the microchip company updated with your current contact details. If not chipped, I recommend you get her microchipped before the move.
If you're moving this week, you clearly have very little time left. If you get stuck and need temporary care for Twinkle, there is www.villagevetcattery.co.uk

I'll flag this up to Ella from Stokey Cats and Dogs (they are a voluntary group helping local animals) in case they know of someone in their group who can help you by fostering and in any event they are also experienced in home checks. www.stokeycatsanddogs.co.uk

We're actually on holiday for a week from Saturday - terrible timing, but it was booked before the flat sale date was finalised - so Twinkle's going into Allseasons Cattery near Potters Bar for that week at least. It takes the pressure off a little in terms of trying to find an alternative.

I know what you mean about asking permission. The danger with asking is that if they said no, we couldn't then move her in, as we'd be flouting that decision.

Thanks for the reminder about the microchip, I'd forgotten about that in all the chaos!

Hi Richard, someone from our Stokey Cats...and dogs group offered to help but the question is if Twinkle gets along with other cats. Would you like to send me your contact number so I can pass it on and maybe you could talk about this over the phone? 

Hi, have sent you my number.
As to how she gets on with other cats, that's a difficult one to answer.
I've had her since she was 6, along with another cat that died last year, that she was with beforehand.
Until quite recently she went out in the garden quite frequently. There are quite a few cats locally, one of which is a big bully!
Twinkle reminds me of my little Sparkle.
If you still need a foster home drop me a PM!!!
More than happy to help.
Plus it's all like serendipity ❤️

Hi Richard,

I'm a foster carer with the RSPCA, but unfortunately cannot take anymore cats.

If you do get desperate, the foster care unit for the RSPCA is very close in Finsbury Park and they are marvellous.  The cattery is always full but it's worth emailing them if you have run out of options.

The email is <animals@rspcacentrallondon.org.uk>

Good luck with everything.  You have a lot on your plate.



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