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Hi everyone 

Some advice sought from cat-owners living on the ladder in a first floor flat...

We are considering getting a cat but I'd much rather it be able to access the outdoors than live as an indoor cat. Has anyone come up with in ingenious solution for having their cat come in and out of their upstairs flat? With two front doors, and a road outside, the front of the house is obviously not ideal, so I've been trying to mastermind a route that it could use out of a bedroom window right at the back of the flat. There is a fence not too far down from the windowsill, but the jump is too big for a cat to make - so I'm wondering whether I could put a little step or platform between the windowsill and the fence (signed off by the neighbour, of course.) 

But would love to hear from anyone who might have found solutions to the problem in the past...

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Mmm, I didn't even mention the faeces. Dog owners are now required to pick up their pets' faeces: cat owners are not. You can't stop cats killing and shitting. It's their nature. (The RSPB suggest a bell reduces cat kills by a third - so at best, that's still 150 million killings a year).

If you let your cats out, they will kill wildlife and they will shit in your neighbours' gardens.  Each owner has to decide if they're comfortable with that.

We had one who learned to climb up the wiseria to our first floor flat window. But that could take some time to grow ...



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