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Dear readers, I live in Harringay

for the past month, I have been feeding this cat that comes to my window if anyone has lost this cat please get in contact with me

my mobile is 079 0322 1199


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I would suggest putting an old collar round his neck with your details on , asking the owner to call you. If no one does, you know he needs rescuing. But he could have a loving home and just being greedy

I can't even get near it let alone put a collar around its neck, I hope someone comes forward, like you said he could be just a  greedy cat 

Why do you feed it? 

because its hungry


Hi, do you live near Lothair Road South? There has been a report of a missing cat in the area. I will check the advert tomorrow when I'm working in the area. 

Please contact CatCuddles if you can In Palmers Green for help

They are an amazing charity and will help him…

They can search to see if he is chipped, if not thy will care for him, he seems friendly.

The number is 020 8127 1260

Email : 




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