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Hi, we need to have a cat flap installed into a uPVC door. Anyone you could recommend, please?


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We used Michael and can highly recommend him. His details are at http://catflapman.co.uk

I also recommend Michael.

Great, many thanks to both of you. I will contact Michael.

Funnily enough we used Michael yesterday and would definitely recommend him. I wouldn't say pre-job communication is his strong point - slightly hard to get details of the cat flaps out of him - I think he wants to supply the cat-flaps himself rather then you supply them but that's understandable. He fitted two for us, one sureflap that reads chips and the other a normal swing one. He was a very nice man, professional, job well done and polite and charming. Fitted the flaps very well, and cleared up after himself nicely, and the cats liked him :)

The cost was £275 including the catflaps - just to give you an idea of pricing (both wooden doors).

Just to say as well, not sure that you can do anything about it but the sureflap catflap lets through a bit of a draught (the other one is much better with draughtproofing brush round the edge of the flap itself), something you wouldn't necessarily think of before they're fitted!

Thanks Anka, unfortunately we are rubbish at DIY and our door has a moulded panel, which I believe makes the job trickier. So we will need to get Michael to do it for us.

Hi Gigi, many thanks for your reply and advice. I think that I will necessarily need to have a flap that reads the microchip, otherwise I would have all the neighbours' cats coming through the flap day and night :) and my friend Scarlett the squirrel :) She would LOVE free access to the flat. Regarding Michael, I will definitely contact him. Thanks again.



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